iPod Touch, other 2009 iDevices to include video camera?

It is already widely believed among rumor-mongers — with very good reason, based on the extensive source reports we’ve received on this specific detail — that at a minimum, the high-end 2009 iPhone will sport a new CMOS imaging sensor (“camera”) with 3.2MP photo capabilities and video output far superior to that of current 2007/2008 iPhones which only support video functionality when Jailbroken, and even then with poor image stability/quality/framerate.

The latest wave of rumors on the grapevine take this several steps further, suggesting that at least some type of camera will be included across all 2009 iDevices including the new iPod Touch and the much-speculated-upon “fourth iDevice” (entry-level iPhone, high-end iPhone, iPod Touch, and “iTablet” or similar).

Rumors’ sources have led us to go even further out on a limb than that in our predictions: based on the latest reports to come out from under source embargo, we believe that every 2009 iDevice with a camera will have some form of video capability, and most likely will be at least 3.2 megapixels for photographs/1280×720 (720P HD) video resolution.

It is still entirely possible that one or more entry-level 2009 iDevices will stick with the current 2MP imaging sensor or a similar one to achieve the aggressive price point targets set by Infinite Loop, but given the nature of iPhone OS 3.0’s pervasive video recording & editing features, we think it less than likely that any new iDevice with a camera will lack video capabilities.

As with many of Apple’s 2009-2010 roadmaps, much of this is in flux internally at this point; few fixed commitments other than those publicly announced — even some of those, such as the release date of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, have already been “bent” — really exist for those working in Cupertino except those imposed by component availability/cost, demands of the marketplace, overall iDevice price points and benchmarks such as battery life.

Infinite Loop is still working with multiple, distinctly different prototypes for all of the 2009 iDevice models (remember, Steve Jobs himself once admitted that the Macbook Air had over 100 distinct prototype designs prior to launch!) and the best we can do is watch the evolution/narrowing of those possible hardware configurations and analyze that information through the filters of Apple’s past trends as well as market conditions which are themselves a moving target….but even with all those caveats, we are increasingly confident that greatly improved photography & video capabilities are coming not just for the high end of the 2009 iDevice platform, but for the entire lineup.

This is very exciting, and bodes well for the value that we can expect in these new mobile computing devices which are expected to have very aggressive pricing — starting as low as $99 and not to exceed $299 for the high-end iPhone, $349 for the 2009 iPod Touch, or $499 for the “iTablet”….and could be significantly lower than that.

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