About a year ago, the founder of Mac OS Rumors, Ryan C. Meader, took the time to post an update to this page about his very painful and grueling ordeal battling chronic illness for the past nearly eight years. Many of you over that time have written in, posted comments, and joined us in chat rooms & social networks as well as expressed kind wishes to our reporters at the past several Macworld Expos for his recovery.

We are pleased to report that while Reactive Constellation (a complicated, multi-syndrome form of Reactive Arthritis — itself an auto-immune, runaway inflammatory disease triggered by an initial infection) is often a life-long disease marked by periods of remission and flare, and although it was only a few short months ago that he experienced flares bad enough to produce neuropathic paralysis, severe digestive symptoms, nausea and vomiting, et cetera….for the first time Ryan appears to be experiencing a sustained remission of the majority, though not all, of his symptoms.

Though we have been planning to bring Rumors back to its full potential for some time now, Mr. Meader has always been the heart of the site and it is the friendships that he forged in the early days of the site — and before — that made possible our breaking of nearly all the biggest Apple stories of the past fourteen years before they were history….when things like Gil Amelio’s resignation at the hands of an ascendant CEO Steve Jobs, the buyout of NeXT Computer over Be Inc and the birth of Mac OS X, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the ongoing “Star Trek: Next Generation” project that made possible the Intel transition…..were all nothing but rumors. Rumors reported here first.

In many cases, notably that of Gil Amelio’s resignation, these stories were reported here only, right up until Apple made the relevant announcements; in that instance, that Steve Jobs had agreed to take his place on the board and as “interim” CEO (a title he later dropped in favor of a permanent role). In fact, right up until the minute that the press release hit the newswires, we were being laughed at by everyone from the IRC channels to the Wall Street Journal — who later put several of us to work, we might add, and has written no less than five articles about Ryan Meader over the years. Not counting the one that a freelancer for the publication threatened to make a “hatchet job” out of unless we granted them an exclusive at a time when we were being interviewed by several journalists on any given day of the week, for months on end. For those who don’t recall, that story ended with a series of editorials written here on MOSR which resulted in an apology from the highest levels at the WSJ and the firing of the sociopathic freelancer in question.

We’ve been attacked, insulted, had our personal lives mixed with random made-up insanity for the purpose of creating web sites masquerading as the real Rumors, and we’ve had our domains sniped while on vacation by…..well, that story has a fairly obvious ending for anyone who’s ever been confused by the many copycat sites which have emerged, under varying degrees of legitimacy and significance, over the years trying to ride the coattails of a remarkable legacy.

But this site isn’t just a legacy of the remarkable work that Meader et al. did during the 90’s…..it’s a living, breathing product of more than two dozen active team members and a huge bevy of sources most of whom have been with us continously since the beginning. We pride ourselves on the fact that no source has ever gotten in trouble or been revealed due to anything posted on our public web site — there was a single occasion where a woman working at PowerComputing as a secretary was fired after sending out a pre-publication news release announcing the company’s closure, but her e-mail was sent to numerous other sites across the Mac Web, all of which immediately reported up on it — so we can hardly be held responsible for that.

We’d love to tell you more about our storied journey to get to this point, and if the right deal comes along for a book or other project to pay the right people to tell that story properly…..heck, it could easily fill a movie on the order of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” (and frankly, probably a much more exciting movie – full of drunken Apple employees in dark alleys!)….but that’s not the purpose of this page.

Mac OS Rumors was founded by Ryan Meader with the help of several people in 1995 — notably, the support of predecessor Ethan Allen (who we’d love to hear from sometime — x@xerces.com!), and technical wizard Jon Thompson. Since then it has grown from the first Mac rumor site, through a several year period in the top three sites of the Mac Web (often taking the top slot according to several different “Top Mac Site” listings and industry number-runners), and into a period of on-again, off-again updates in the current decade.

We did some remarkable work during this decade as well — the iPhone, Intel transition, key aspects of the past several releases of Mac OS X, and countless other stories broken in a tradition of having the best, most well-placed, and most fiercely loyal sources anywhere in the industry. We embargo a heck of a lot, and it can be a maddening thing to know something without being able to say so…..but doing right by our friends, and proving to our sources that we can be trusted with anything no matter how sensitive, is what this business is fundamentally all about.

In this new era we are all entering, the status quo that brought us to the pitfalls of 2008 is unacceptable. The same goes for us at Rumors and Xerces Media — there are wonderful things about the work we have done in the past, but we are setting a new standard here and now for the way our work is brought to the community.

We are working to become more open, more transparent, and more integrated with the standards of the modern Web like social networking, dynamic site cross-communication, RSS feeds, and so forth. We have moved to WordPress, and will be taking advantage of all the capabilities that WP Plugins have to offer.

As always, we want to hear from you — submit comments, email us, fire an IM or three hundred our way and join us on the social networks! We’ve been in this business long enough to know when to preserve our own sanity — and when to listen, despite the bitter taste of the torrent that comes from the proverbial Firehose when one stands in front of it…..

In short, it’s been one hell of a ride getting to this point…..and recently, we haven’t always been on the top of our game. But with our founder back in the saddle, working full time on new projects including MOSR and seeking other work to support his family who has been dramatically affected in financial terms by his nearly decade-long illness & disability…..the sky is the limit!