Other iDevices may wait, 2009 iPhone will be announced at WWDC

Normally Mac OS Rumors is not in the business of making completely firm predictions even when based on the most reliable and fact-based “insider” information….too much can, and often does, happen between the prototype stages we’re privy to and the actual announcement day.

For example, our predictions of first-generation Macbook Air models with CPUs clocked at upwards of 2.0GHz were based on the numerous prototypes (Steve Jobs once publicly stated there were over one hundred [!] distinct Macbook Air prototypes with widely diverging specifications) and only after the announcement did it become clear such prototypes would have been unstable at the higher operating temperatures of those faster Core 2 mobile processors with the Air’s limited cooling hardware. Not to mention uncomfortably hot to the touch!

Similar issues affect the ability of any rumor-monger, no matter how good their sources, to accurately predict release dates or exact final specifications.

Nonetheless, for a number of reasons — not the least of which being the same ones that compelled Apple to announce the 2007 and 2008 iPhones at the respective WWDC events those years, notably the need for developers to tailor apps/updates to the new hardware — we are very confident on this specific point: the 2009 iPhones, if not all of the other new iDevices, will be announced on June 8th and almost certainly ship within a few weeks of that date.

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