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Al Gore and many other celebrities have been seen at the event…..though he is on the Apple board, many of the others are not and it’s exciting to see them at a “developer’s” event… is quite clear, if it weren’t already due to its sold-out nature, that this is going to be an action-packed day with big news!

The next version of Mac OS X, 10.6, will be called Snow Leopard, as Rumors sources previously reported.

4,000 people admitted into the iPhone Enterprise Beta, 35% of Fortune 500 companies represented! That’s huge.

Bertrand Serlet will be giving us our preview of 10.6 today.

Among the prominent participants in the iPhone Enterprise beta were the top companies in numerous industries & markets: banks, securities firms, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and airlines! The top 5-10 companies in each categories, all joined. Phenomenal!

Even more amazing, the U.S. Army was a major participant, and really likes the new iPhone software! Apparently, it will be involved in countless new military applications.

This mid-part, where Scott Forestall is demoing basically the same technology that developers have known about for quite some time, apparently has a lot of people wondering why the redundancy, and the atmosphere of initial excitement begins to evaporate a bit…..let’s get on with the big stuff, guys! Losing a bit of momentum here….

Showing off lots of the iPhone apps that are being built. Games, quite visually rich ones and look like a lot of fun to play….easily, the graphics we are seeing compete with the PSP and even many “desktop” game consoles. A *lot* of people are impressed here by this. Obviously, the hardware is powerful and OpenGL ES, OpenAL, SQL Lite, etc. are working extremely well here.

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  • Dave

    Has anyone else noticed that the iPod Touch has suddenly become a spectacularly bad deal? The Touch has maintained its old price point, meaning that an 8 Gig iPhone is now $100 less than an 8 Gig Touch.

  • steve

    Dave: you still have to pay for the service later on with the iPhone, so if you want to save money the touch is still cheaper.

  • Corrie

    Any comments on the iPhone’s video capabilities or lack of such?