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Despite the impressive game graphics and obviously excellent performance of, at a minimum, non-multitasking foreground apps (i.e. with nothing actively running in the background)….a lot of the other app demos, from eBay, Loopt, Associated Press Photoblogging, etc are not being received especially well. More yawns. This seems like a bit of a poorly planned event in terms of the atmosphere bouncing back and forth from cool, to boring and already well-known…..odd. Still, there’s lots of good stuff in between the periods of involuntary nodding off…..

Long time Mac game developer Pangea Software has had great results porting their games to iPhone…..performance is apparently very playable, excellent graphics quality, and it has only taken 3-4 days for most games to be ported over. That’s extremely impressive, and bodes very well indeed for the iDevice gaming market. This is going to be beyond huge, and the major game console companies had better watch out…..this isn’t just the iPhone, this is the iPod as well and more Multi-Touch iDevices are coming…..who needs a PSP or a Wii when you have an iDevice?!

Lots of great new bundled apps, and the new software will hit the streets in early July.

New MobileMe service will make sure that your data is in sync between all your computers and iDevices, wherever you are.

Basically, MobileMe is a spiffed up, mobile-smart version of dot Mac.

Six million iPhones sold so far….and now we finally get the first look at the new 3G iPhones! Good stuff….

Obviously, Steve and Apple get it that people aren’t withholding iPhone purchases because they don’t want one; it’s because in this economy, they can’t afford one at its current price — and few know about the $350 refurbs.

The “leaked” 3G iPhone pics were NOT, repeat NOT, entirely accurate. They may have been “legitimate” marketing pre-sale mockups, but are not exactly representative of the actual hardware we are seeing.

The new 3G iPhones are certainly a bit thinner, and sleeker at the edges but still very much in keeping with the existing look, rather than becoming steeply angled like the Macbook Air, as in the mockup images seen in recent days.

Comparing EDGE with 3G download performance…..almost a full minute on EDGE, 20 seconds with 3G. That’s pretty solid, 3X in just this example and even more in many other situations, especially at the far reaches of reception.

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  • Dave

    Has anyone else noticed that the iPod Touch has suddenly become a spectacularly bad deal? The Touch has maintained its old price point, meaning that an 8 Gig iPhone is now $100 less than an 8 Gig Touch.

  • steve

    Dave: you still have to pay for the service later on with the iPhone, so if you want to save money the touch is still cheaper.

  • Corrie

    Any comments on the iPhone’s video capabilities or lack of such?