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In general phone device/app performance, as well as 3G download performance, on average, the new iPhone beats major competition by 33-55%….

Battery life, talk time, etc. are all drastically improved thanks to the new processor, new display hardware, new graphics system, and general all-around overhauling for efficiency. 24 hour audio playback time, 5-6 hours of continuous 3G/Wi-Fi downloading time, you name it the new iPhones do it better, longer!

Along with an improved cell tower “triangulation” feature for Mapping/Navigation, GPS is now built in!

Stand-by life is 300 hours. That is remarkable.

Also, the new iPhone (and possibly the existing one as well, with the 2.0 software) can use Wi-Fi to provide location information…..

And the big deal of the show, without a doubt, is that the new 8GB iPhone 3G will be $199!

Excellent. We’ll most definitely be getting one for every member of Team Rumors, and along with the major re-investment cycle we’re doing, we are re-opening direct advertising & sponsorship with a special deal allowing sponsors/advertisers to barter hardware for guaranteed-return-on-investment advertising and special “provided by” links for each mention of said hardware… us for details!

These iPhones are going to change the world even more than the first 6M EDGE iPhones have…..and it’s going to be an amazing year, starting on July 11 when the update will have been released and the new iPhones with 3G will begin to ship!

We are shown the new “Spy” iPhone ad, which rounds out the keynote…..”The First Phone to beat the original iPhone…..the new iPhone 3G!”

What a day. We are clutching our EDGE iPhones, more eager than ever to load up 2.0, and also to lay our hands on the new 3G models, just as eagerly as we await the new generation of DDR2-800 based Macs….what a time to be an Apple geek, a Switcher, or just plain user of this Insanely Great technology!

Stay tuned to Mac OS Rumors, the original Mac Rumor site, for all the latest on WWDC, including reports from our team at the conference and at Infinite Loop digging up the dirt while the bosses are away in San Francisco…..we’ve got some great coverage on the way and live updates all week long, don’t miss a beat!

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  • Dave

    Has anyone else noticed that the iPod Touch has suddenly become a spectacularly bad deal? The Touch has maintained its old price point, meaning that an 8 Gig iPhone is now $100 less than an 8 Gig Touch.

  • steve

    Dave: you still have to pay for the service later on with the iPhone, so if you want to save money the touch is still cheaper.

  • Corrie

    Any comments on the iPhone’s video capabilities or lack of such?