Apple appoints Levinson to Chair its Board, Disney CEO Iger as newest member

Apple announced today that it is appointing multi-industry giant Art Levinson as Chairman of the Board, and added Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, as the board’s newest member.

With this move, insiders at the Executive Suite say that Apple’s corporate structure will get a big boost on both the traditional fronts and many unique new ways of moving Infinite Loop’s business forward with unparalleled strength of innovation and fresh perspectives as Levinson is known for having a foot firmly planted in both of those starkly different worlds simultaneously — and with Iger’s addition to the Board, Apple’s growing ties with Disney are cemented and that will be hugely important for the company’s next big strategic move: AppleTV.

Although no one could ever truly replace Steve Jobs, these appointments are both very wise and well-thought-out moves that will lay a foundation for Apple to grow by leaps and bounds in 2012.

In particular, watch for Levinson’s guiding hand behind a number of mergers and acquisitions that will begin in the weeks ahead with a rapidly accelerating pace that should peak by mid-2012 with some truly staggering dollar figures and large numbers of new research/development level employees flowing through both Infinite Loop and Apple’s new “UFO” campus as it begins to take shape in that same timeframe.

Levinson’s legendary success in encouraging strong R&D driven innovation at Genentech will be key to driving Apple’s efforts to build new markets rather than trying to fight yesterday’s battles as so many other Silicon Valley giants have in recent years. Keep a close eye on the travels of these new board members if you want to have an idea of where Apple is headed in the new year.

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