Apple posts iTunes teaser front and center on

Apple has replaced the front page of with a teaser for something iTunes-related due to happen tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 16th.

In large bolded text, the page reads “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget”. Under that text is a curiously worded invitation to check back Tuesday for an “exciting announcement from iTunes”.

And under the text are 4 clocks each showing a different time from California, New York, London and Tokyo, which could be a clever way for Apple to announce that whatever is going to happen tomorrow, will happen at 10AM Eastern Time, but will be relevant for everyone around the world, at least in markets which currently have an iTunes Store.

Apple would not make such a big deal out of releasing iOS 4.2, however they would make a big deal out something like cloud based iTunes streaming or a subscription music service.

Stay tuned as we learn more!

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  • sb

    In the Toronto Start just now…

    “Apple to sell Beatles music on ITunes: report –”

  • lainey

    It’s probably the Beatles music being added to iTunes library, available for purchase.

  • TechieGuy

    Just Beatles on iTunes…
    Yes, the greatest group… but techies were waiting for something more revolutionary …
    Anyway … i’ll go for shopping…