Unibody Mac Mini pops in at midnight

After 5 years, the Mac Mini has finally received a complete redesign. Along with updated internal components and other welcome changes, the new Mini sports a very slim Unibody look much like the AppleTV:

Mini front

Mini back

The Mini is now a 7.7 inch square at 1.4 inches tall, compared to the old mini which was 6.5 inches square and 2 inches tall. The dimensions are quite similar to an AppleTV which is also 7.7 inches square but only 1.1 inches tall.

Gone is the white plastic panel on the top surface, the entire case is now one piece of aluminum with a user access panel on the bottom that can be removed with 3 screws with a simple twist, a welcome change for Mini lovers who are accustomed to wedging the old model open with a putty knife. No word yet on how to get the entire machine apart, we will update this article as more info becomes available.

The rear panel retains some of the existing connectors of the older Mini while adding some new ones, including an HDMI port to complement the existing Mini Displayport (the Mini DVI port is gone but an HDMI > DVI adapter is now included), and a simple AC power connection thanks to the new internal power supply, the brick is no longer necessary. The Mini does lose a USB port, but gains an SD card slot.

The Firewire 800 port is still present as well.

The internal components received a welcome update, the processor is now a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo standard paired with 2GB of DDR3 ram (Supports 8GB max) and an Nvidia 320M integrated graphics chipset.

Unfortunately the base price also received an update; the new Mac Mini starts at $699 instead of $599 like the older model.

The Server model is still around for those who wish to order a Mini with 2 internal hard drives and no optical drive, but the desktop model is retaining the DVD+DL SuperDrive for now.

Shots of the bottom of the new Mini with the access panel closed and open can be seen below.

Mini bottom panel

Mini bottom panel, open

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  • Anonymous

    I need this.

  • Metalizer

    great design, but an ssd 128gb bto option would have been nice

  • Artjones98

    far too expensive Mr Jobs

  • M@rk

    Got mine ordered. Oh yes.

  • http://www.ledscreenchina.com led signs

    This Unibody Mac mini Pops looks very nice .But the price seems little high $699 ..very beautiful .