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Unibody Mac Mini pops in at midnight

After 5 years, the Mac Mini has finally received a complete redesign. Along with updated internal components and other welcome changes, the new Mini sports a very slim Unibody look much like the AppleTV:

Mini front

Mini back

The Mini is now a 7.7 inch square at 1.4 inches tall, compared to the old mini which was 6.5 inches square and 2 inches tall. The dimensions are quite similar to an AppleTV which is also 7.7 inches square but only 1.1 inches tall.

Gone is the white plastic panel on the top surface, the entire case is now one piece of aluminum with a user access panel on the bottom that can be removed with 3 screws with a simple twist, a welcome change for Mini lovers who are accustomed to wedging the old model open with a putty knife. Read more

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