LIVE Coverage of the WWDC 2009 Keynote

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From our Twitter feed: Several readers at the Moscone Center have noted that banners there show the iCal logo w/ the date June 19th…a release date?

Also noted by many attendees on the banners is a new Quicktime X logo.

The Apple web Store is down with the classic “We’ll Be Back Shortly” sticky note….suggesting that at least one new product will begin shipping immediately, or at an absolute minimum, that the new product(s) will have pre-order listings on the Store. Stay tuned for reports on this topic as we keep a very close eye on

All attendees have now been admitted to the Keynote conference room and seated; music (notably Radiohead and Dave Matthews Band) is playing and the excitement is palpable.

Here we go! A hush has come over the crowd, and we’re waiting to see who will take the stage first….

Wi-Fi connectivity has been shut off in the area of the Keynote conference room, leaving many in attendance to wonder what the engineers of the local AT&T 3G network must be thinking at this moment as a traffic tsunami rolls across their towers….the Keynote will begin any moment now!

The Keynote has begun! Phil Schiller is taking the stage. A “PC Guy” ad just played with PC expressing consternation at the recent Billion Downloads milestone for the App Store. Much laughter from the crowd.

OS X, in all three variants, is now up to more than 75 Million active users (not counting Hackintoshes!) thanks to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Already new hardware! A new 15-inch unibody Macbook Pro announced with 7-hour battery life; a two-hour gain! Also sporting an SD card slot(!). Impressive new display with greater contrast, more vivid colors, wider brightness range.

Our sources predicted this new laptop and its earlier-than-predicted announcement, but based on the latest roadmaps we didn’t think this would ship until next month. Impressively enough, all new Macbooks will ship TODAY!

Other details: up to 3.06GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD or 256GB SSD storage. Pricing: $1699 – $1999 – $2299

17-inch model also drops in price, with the high-end reduced by $300 to $2499(!).

13-inch unibody Macbook is now a Macbook Pro, and starts at $1199 with an SD card slot, Firewire 800, up to 8GB RAM, backlit keyboard etc.

New Macbook Air models with reduced pricing at $1499 and $1799, 1.8GHz….all new Macbooks have a Gold rating from ePEAT, further advancing Apple’s “greenest line of Notebooks.”

Bertrand Serlet has taken the stage to talk about Apple’s Operating Systems starting with a comparison between 10.5 Leopard, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 which Serlet describes as the “same old tech as Vista,” MS attempting to cover their tracks and wallpaper over the fundamental flaws in their technology.

Now on to Snow Leopard!

As rumored, the Finder has been completely re-written from the ground up in Cocoa….faster, much improved multi-level Undo, several features help to reduce file/folder clutter. Exposé has been integrated with the Dock….installations are now almost 50% faster and the overall footprint of Snow Leopard has been cut in half!

Safari 4 is officially finalized today for Tiger, Leopard and Windows! Plugins being one of the primary reasons that Safari crashes, now plugins can crash independently without taking down Safari itself. A very important step forward in reliability, for sure.

A live demo of Snow Leopard has begun….

Subfolders are scrollable within Stacks, thumbnail media previews in Finder! Exposé: Click-and-hold on any application to show all its open windows; documents can be interacted with via the Dock using drag&drop.

Quicktime X now includes even more video editing features (including one-click posting to YouTube, MobileMe, iTunes etc) than the old Quicktime Pro. Many attendees are speculating amongst themselves that this is the end of QT Pro, and are very happy at the prospect.

Not mentioned yet at the actual keynote itself, but a press release just went out on the wires saying that Snow Leopard will ship in September for…$29! (that’s not a typo!) Wow.

Back to the keynote itself….Snow Leopard uses a powerful new threading system called “Grand Central Dispatch” which contributes to an overall 2X performance boost over 10.5 Leopard. This is in-line with rumored estimates and quite impressive indeed.

iCal and Mail have received extensive Exchange integration, allowing meetings and other events to be managed seamlessly.

Clarification: Snow Leopard will be a $29 upgrade to owners of 10.5.x; family pack upgrade $49 & full retail will be $129. Still, very good news!

Apple is calling today’s release build a “Final Demo,” suggesting that it may be available to more than just developers as has been rumored for some time. Very exciting if true. Awaiting clarification.

Scott Forstall has taken the stage to talk about the iPhone: 1 Million+ downloads of the iPhone OS 3.0 SDK by developers, more than 50,000 applications in the App Store today, more than 40 Million iPhone & iPod Touch units sold so far!

Video of various app developers is now playing. Talk of whether we’ll see Steve Jobs at the end of this is spreading through the crowd.

Video is over….now getting into iPhone OS 3.0 — 100+ new features, Cut/Paste and Undo implemented globally; just shake the iPhone to undo!

Other well-known features mentioned: Landscape Mode available in all bundled apps, MMS support….but the crowd groans loudly at the news that AT&T “won’t be ready for MMS until late Summer.” Oy vey.

Spotlight searches all data, apps, even information contained within apps, etc. on iDevices.

All iTunes content including video/episodes/movies and iTunesU now available for download directly on your iDevice.

Oh, boy. 3G tethering support….but NOT for AT&T. The crowd is clearly not at all pleased. “But it is available on 29 other carriers.” A straight up kick in the groin to all domestic U.S. customers, plain & simple. This is not going to improve the widespread disdain for AT&T’s iPhone services.

HTML5 Video support in Mobile Safari is a direct attack on the “Lack of Flash support” issue. Javascript performance 3X faster. AutoFill is supported at long last.

New “Lost Phone” support in MobileMe: produces a map of where your device is located, and even supports a remote wipe of all data!

Now showing off various developers’ applications leveraging OS 3.0 features: Turn-by-Turn Directions, Google Maps integration, peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity (multiplayer gaming), et cetera.

Demos of apps leveraging OS 3.0 APIs/features continuing. Some very interesting entries including TomTom turn-by-turn app & car mount.

RT @philcampbell: TomTom car-kit accessory: windshield mount-dock+power, loudspeaker, GPS enhancer, handsfree calling and audio output

Reply from @MacOSRumors @philcampbell Should be interesting to see just how (and how well) this “GPS Enhancer” works in the TomTom kit.

It’s official! iPhone OS 3.0 ships world-wide on June 17th! The crowd goes wild….as originally stated, free for all iDevice owners except 1G iPod Touch for which it will be a $9.95 upgrade, well worthy every penny if you ask us.

The OS 3.0 Golden Master build will be available today for all registered developers to test apps against. Scott Forstall is leaving the stage, and Phil Schiller is coming back up to address the crowd.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the new iPhone — called the 3G-S — “S stands for Speed.” Up to 3X faster!

New improved camera — 3.2 Megapixel Auto-Focus, exactly as rumored; OpenGL 2.0 support for 3D graphics….no front-facing camera. Video support. Touch anywhere in a camera image to focus on that area/object(!). Macro (close-up) mode, low-light settings.

Voice Control features: talk in plain english to control iPod.ipa (music player app), make calls (“call {contact name}”), “ask” what’s currently playing, execute a specified playlist, and the list goes on!

Greatly improved battery life: 9 hours surfing on Wi-Fi (that’s up 50%!), 30 hours of media playback (video), “greener”

Other features include: Hardware Encryption, “Nike+” support built-in….

Pricing: $199 16GB, $299 32GB (white and black)….existing iPhone 3G available in 8GB for $99.

New models shipping on the 19th (June) for customers in US, UK & 6 other countries (Canada, EU?) Most other countries a week later (approx. June 26th), other more remote locations later this summer. No word on the “China” variant mentioned so often in the Southeast Asian press…this could be the “late summer” category.

The 8GB iPhone 3G for $99 will be available starting today.

….and that’s all, folks! It looks like any Steve Jobs sightings were either mistaken, or Steve simply wanted to be behind the stage for his own reasons. But there’s still the Apple Event later this month…..given that it will co-incide with the iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3G-S release dates, that certainly puts a new spin on the rumors that we’ll see new iPod Touch and/or entirely new iDevice models (iTablet?) there….

Stay tuned to Mac OS Rumors for all the latest from WWDC throughout the week ahead — and don’t forget to sound off via email, web comments using the DISQUS form below, or follow us on Twitter!

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  • Jeff Leigh

    MMS and tethering…unless you're on the only carrier supported in the US. Thanks AT&T!!!

  • Jeff Leigh

    MMS and tethering…unless you're on the only carrier supported in the US. Thanks AT&T!!!