Update to Infinite Loop Bldg. 6 fire news…..

According to sources who returned to the scene of the fire after having left overnight shifts or other late-night work at the company the previous evening….construction to add physical networking & other datacenter/office infrastructure had been installing air conditioning units to offset heat produced by the fast growing server iron located in that part of Building 6’s IS/IT/Networking division offices had been underway for several days prior to the incident which apparently sparked the fire.

Reportedly welding operations being done to support the heavyweight air conditioning hardware and ductwork somehow resulted in a fast-growing fire which escaped notice until it was too late for the welders or other construction personnel to put out directly.

Stay tuned for further developments as reports come in, and for a resumption of normal daily updates with some really hot dirt coming your way shortly…..

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  • SomeOne

    This was *NOT* at “Building 6 of Apple’s Infinite Loop campus”.

    The fire was in a building on Valley Green drive, which is across the street from the Infinite Loop campus. Since there is a building 6 on that campus itself, this article is VERY misleading.

    Please correct the article to indicate “a building near…” or the like.

  • Metalizer

    In that case, liability would seem to rest with the outside contractors – their insurers should pick up the tabs rather than Apple’s.

    Maybe there’s a silver lining there, in that Apple can go for a complete redesign and rebuild of the facility.

    (looking forward to the Autumn product announcements, any hint of an xMac, or confirmation that nVidia chipsets will be used for Hybrid/SLI graphics in laptops and desktops, with Snow Leopard features also in mind?)

  • admin

    In reply to SomeOne: At the time these posts were made, we were collating a lot of frenzied reports from sources, some of whom as we said were there before, during or shortly following the fire itself…..and others who were offsite but heard from the horse’s mouth about events.

    Conflicting information as to “which” Building 6 of the “Cupertino Campus” (a confusing term that tends to suggest that Infinite Loop is all inclusive but many folks know that in fact Apple’s buildings in Cupertino are a bit scattered around the Infinite Loop area and at least a couple, historically, have been quite significantly removed from the Loop itself) really did a number on us with conflicting details either specifying the Valley Green building complex or Infinite Loop’s “back six” building area which is frequently mentioned in relation to Apple’s internal data/networking infrastructure geeks. The mention of Apple’s in-house IS/IT geeks’ management being headquartered in a “building six” was so similar that it threw us off and made us incorrectly certain of the identity of the building.

    For the sake of admitting our occasional incident of being perhaps somewhere rather a bit south of completely correct (perish the thought!!! If you don’t find yourself rather a bit too far out on a limb at least once in a while in the rumor-mongering game…..you’re doing it all wrong!) on the details of this one, our focus was primarily on the larger implications of the event since by the time we reported on the fire, it had been fairly well established by the grapevine at large that nobody had been physically harmed in the incident…..

    That said we always welcome a correction or clarification and that’s what these Comments are for, after all! Thanks for bringing our renewed attention to that oversight.