BREAKING NEWS: 3-Alarm fire damages Apple HQ in Cupertino

We will continue to cover developments regarding this breaking story on an ongoing basis and hope that our readers and sources will make a particular point of letting us know as quickly as possible whether it be via article comments, email, our private secure source contact methods, or whatever else you may be comfortable with; after all, we are only as good as the information we get and the analysis we undertake with the help of the community & the grapevine at large!

Everyone here on the MOSR team @ Xerces Media sends our thoughts, collective expressions of support, sympathy, and relief to all our friends & sources at Infinite Loop. We’re thinking of you and we hope that you will all take a moment to check in so we can make sure that Xerces’ resources are at your disposal to help you get back on your feet in whatever manner you might need.

We know our readers share in our concern about the cause(s) of such a potentially dangerous conflagration and our tremendous relief that no one was harmed — and we will do our best to continue to bring you all the latest on this and all the late breaking dirt you can fit in your shovel!

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