BREAKING NEWS: 3-Alarm fire damages Apple HQ in Cupertino

A considerable portion of the building not directly affected by the fire or even the billowing smoke was then ravaged, as far the technology is concerned as well as the furnishings and even many of the outer-layer construction materials in the West Wing of Building 6 will almost certainly be completely destroyed by the water damage caused by sprinklers and require near 100% replacement.

Already there has been some suggestion of demolishing the 40+ year old two-story building, or at least part of it, and adding on a considerably larger & superior structure with a fairly similar ground footprint to the existing structures of Building 6 or at least its western wing…..thereby avoiding the worst of the regulatory & permit-related complications involved in such a renovation.

Since the damage done will almost certainly require extensive renovations anyway for the foreseeable future and the near total abandonment of a substantial portion of Building 6….

Talk began almost immediately — once it was confirmed that no one had been physically harmed — in regards to it being better and wiser to start over than to try to repair things piecemeal within a still-standing structure but one which will be compromised in a number of challenging ways.

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