Apple releases 10.5.3, Security Updates


*Addresses reliability issues with screen sharing.

*Resolves an issue in which saved chat transcripts may reported as “still in use” after opening and closing them in iChat.

*Resolves an issue with group chats not being indexed in Spotlight.

*Only the last 250 messages of an active chat are saved. Fixed to save unlimited number of lines.

*Addresses issues with echo cancellation that may occur on portable Macs.


*Resolves an issue in which Mail may prevent idle sleep when set to automatically check for new messages every minute.

*Addresses stability issues that may be encountered when dragging large attachments into an email message.

*Fixes an issue that could occur if two compose windows are open when dragging a file to the Mail icon in the Dock.

*Addresses reliability issues when changes are made to a mailbox while offline.

*Resolves wrapping issues that may be found with consecutive spaces in plain text.

*Fixes issues with certain web pages appearing garbled when emailed from Safari.

*Fixes an issue in which the Sent, Drafts, and Outbox mailboxes incorrectly list the “cc” recipients in the “To” column.

*Addresses reliability issues with attachments added to plain text notes.

*Fixes reliability issues with authenticated RSS feeds.

*Resolves an issue in which attaching an alias to an email message may not send the actual file.

More details follow on the next page….

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