Logic Express 8.0.2 update follows Pro version

Despite escaping the notice of many readers who are distracted by show-stopper updates like OS X 10.5.3, Server Admin Tools 10.5.3, Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.1, et cetera….Apple has indeed released the 8.0.2 update to Logic Express that Express users have been waiting for since the Pro version was released earlier in the week.

The update weighs in at 73.7MB, and its release notes provide essentially no information on what the changes are — but given the size of the update, they are clearly significant.

When queried about the dearth of details on the two recent Logic updates, reliable sources in Cupertino explained that the changes are almost entirely bug fixes and were not entirely detailed for several reasons.

Chief among these, apparently, is concern among high ranking executives working under the VP of Software that several of the changes would be embarrassing to the company and that at least one might violate an NDA which Apple has signed with a third party. Despite the odd degree of secrecy and mystery that seems to surround Apple’s decision to go with a vague changelist on this update, the fixes detailed to Rumors (under embargo for the next few weeks, and not that terribly exciting anyway) appeared quite simple and straightforward.

We will continue to dig into this, however, and any insight from those who work with Logic (Pro/Express) regularly would be of great interest to analysts who have been unusually interested in this story and the apparent secrecy/seriousness of issues surrounding it….

Strange that such a routine update would have so many people asking so many questions! But the history of Apple’s “mystery updates” is a colorful one and anyone who has been rumor-mongering in this industry for very long knows that most matters relating to secrecy and Cupertino are like icebergs….there is far more beneath the surface than appearances suggest…..

Stay tuned for more dirt on software updates and all things Apple from the #1 Mac rumor site on the Web; we’ve got lots more good stuff and exciting dirt on the way so don’t miss a beat!

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