Apple releases 10.5.3, Security Updates

Address Book

*Addresses reliability issues when searching for contacts using built-in search.

*Resolves issues with mapping addresses that contain an ampersand character (&).


*Improves 802.1X behavior and reliability.

*Improves reliability when using Time Capsule.


*Addresses an issue in which some actions may not work with the “Show When Run” option enabled.

*Resolves an issue in which the “New iCal Event” action may not work.

*Resolves an issue that prevents workflows from being saved in the Finder’s contextual menu.

*Fixes reliability issues for Automator scripts that search for files by date.

*Resolves an issue that prevents workflows from being saved in the Finder’s contextual menu.

*Addresses an issue in which Automator workflows as Finder plugins do not work when the workflow begins with the “Get Selected Finder Items” action.

*Fixes an issue in which the “Copy Files” action does not reliably work when added from Automator’s warning dialog.


*Addresses potential privacy issues by allowing events to be marked as private.

*Resolves an issue in which the inspector does not show capacity and availability info for conference rooms within a building.

*Addresses an issue in which the current day could appear in the left-most column of the weekly view.

*Addresses reliability issues with meeting alarms, invitations and attachments.

*Resolves issues with reliability when restoring from iCal backups.

*Fixes accuracy issues with auto-completion, availability data and location names.

*Resolves an issue in which iCal may send cancellation notices for events in the past after a calendar is deleted.

*Fixes reliability issues with iCal syncing.

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