Please pardon our dust….

You may notice that the all-new Rumors web site is now live….with several static pages still needing updates, and our layout/theme still needing some work — particularly in terms of color choices.

Rather than delay the roll-out of the new site beyond Macworld, we have elected to bring it online to allow our new editing, writing & reporting teams to work together more smoothly during the Expo.Please bear with us as we iron out the kinks and clean up the CSS which controls elements like color schemes and so forth. Of course, we will gladly accept suggestions/markup snippets from readers interested in specific changes being made….but it is likely that only minor tweaks will be made until next week when everyone is wound down from MWSF.

Thank you to every reader who has stood by us through good times and bad, who supported our optimistic vision of Apple’s future even in those early days when the site was new and few had much confidence that Apple would survive to the end of the year….no less become the stunning success that it is today.We continue to be one of the most optimistic Mac web sites out there — and we are damn proud of it. We see a very bright future for Apple, one far more remarkable than even today’s wildest expectations could prepare us for. Today’s MWSF keynote will give us a first glimpse of just how amazing that future will be….and we couldn’t be happier to watch that future unfold along with you.

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  • Alasdair

    Hey guys, good to see MacOSRumors back on track!

  • Andrew

    Finally you’re back. Perhaps you will be breaking some rumors soon.