Apple website hints “Something in the Air”…..

Although we have been skeptical up to this point about certain leaks (the Wikipedia posting of what was claimed to be Steve Jobs’ notes for the address being only the most prominent of dozens) that hit the Web yesterday, it seems that the part about an emphasis on wireless innovation and a nearly cable-free Macbook were closer to the mark than many on the grapevine had initially thought.

“Macbook Air” may indeed be the name for the long-rumored “Macbook Thin/Mini/Nano”….but there are still a great many unanswered questions about how this new Mac will fit into the product lineup, and whether the “Air” marketing will be exclusive to that product or part of a more general campaign on Apple’s part to reduce cable clutter & increase wireless adoption…..Stay tuned to Rumors for more live coverage from the Keynote, the Expo floor, and “undisclosed locations” around Cupertino where our reporters will have their yearly meetings with sources while the executives are off in San Francisco otherwise occupied….it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

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