December 2007 highlights

It turns out your iPhone could be running almost twice as fast! One of our Xerces sister sites, The Black Hole general-interest discussion forum, recently tackled a topic that has come up numerous times on Mac OS Rumors: Is the latest mainstrean media news about “Mac Malware” for real, or just greedy security companies looking to make a buck?!

Rumors has confirmed that a new, larger AppleTV flagship model will be added to the lineup along with two enhanced versions of the existing AppleTV devices — all sporting larger hard drives. The new “AppleTV Unity” as it is sometimes referred to at Infinite Loop, will include a faster Intel CPU, enhanced media decoding DSP chipset, more RAM, an optical drive and numerous other improvements over the “standard” models. Details to follow: including hot dirt on whether the new AppleTV Optical Drive will support HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or both (?!)…..stay tuned!As for long-awaited Flash support on iPhone, one of our senior reporters is talking to a trusted old-school Apple source about that today and we expect an in-depth article to be posted this evening!

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