October Highlights

Apple has reported its best second-best quarterly financial results in the company’s history on very strong sales of Macs, iPhones and other iDevices.

If the AppleTV’s lack of an optical drive has been an issue for you, look no further than a soon to be announced update to the popular iDevice for that very issue to be addressed. Also, the entry-level model will be dropped to $249 with a 60GB or maybe even 80GB HDD (depending on market conditions about six or seven weeks from now), and two other models at $299 and $399 sporting 120-160 and 200-250GB drives respectively. The optical drive may not be available on all models, another vagary of our most recent source reports on the subject. More on the AppleTV 2.0 and its across-the-board hardware/software upgrades soon.

We have the privilege of being able to exclusively report on information provided to Mac OS Rumors by one of our oldest and most reliable sources in Cupertino: the Mac Mini is dead…..Long Live the Mac Nano!

The exact naming and marketing details are not as firm in our sources’ estimation, since he’s not an Apple Marketroid(TM)….but the new Mini will be as small in the horizontal as an internal optical drive will allow, and a little over 2/3 the height. Overall volume will be shrunk almost 25%, weight by about 20% and an all-new enclosure will be strikingly different from the design that has been the Mini’s defining feature since its introduction.

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