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September 9th Apple Event preview

From extensive reports by reliable sources, we are very confident about the broad strokes of the following anticipated announcements at tomorrow’s Apple Event in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (just down the street from Moscone, home to Macworld and WWDC):

*iTunes 9.0 with social networking features, improved App Store and numerous other small enhancements — notably the “Cocktail” feature, which bundles in extra bonus content with full-album music purchases.
*Corresponding upgrades to App Store.ipa and iTunes.ipa on iDevices, separate from the iPhone OS 3.1 upgrade which looks like it will most likely wait until near the end of the month (circa the 25th, in parallel with AT&T’s MMS rollout)
*iPod Touch “GS” with GPS and Camera
*iPod Nano with enhanced screen, major on-board software upgrades, and built-in camera
*”Death” of the HDD-based iPod Classic, though this may not be explicitly announced at the Event itself but rather allowed to happen quietly
*New content-purchase options for iTunes and iDevice users, including video rentals for iDevices and streaming of certain types of content rather than users needing to download all content to their Mac or device in order to access it. Read more

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