Apple iPhone 4S due out October 14th, now on Sprint too

iPhone 4S

Today during the press event at Apple’s Cupertino campus, CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next iteration of their popular iPhone platform: the iPhone 4S.

For those of you who were expecting an iPhone 5 today, you shouldn’t be disappointed. This is essentially what everyone was expecting the iPhone 5 to be: A5 processor, more ram, and a handful of new features, some exclusive to the new device. There’s no new design this time around, though.

Apple says the new iPhone 4S is 2x faster in the CPU department, with graphics performance 7x faster.

The new device also has a special antenna system designed to improve call quality by using one antenna for transmission and another for reception.

In addition the iPhone 4S is now a ‘worldphone’ and should work on pretty much any carrier* in any country, including Apple’s newest partner: Sprint. Starting with the iPhone 4S, Sprint is now an option for U.S. customers, alongside Verizon and AT&T.

*(this doesn’t mean the device is unlocked, we’ll hear more about how this multi-band functionality will work soon)

Scott Forstall demoed the new Siri assistant feature by scheduling a meeting and looking for restaurants, all without using anything but voice commands.

Apple says Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia are both built in to Siri, so just ask for a definition or the solution to a problem and your iPhone can find it for you. You can also dictate email or a text message.

Siri is only available on the new iPhone 4S with English, French and German languages to start. Apple says this is a ‘beta’, and they’ll be adding more languages and features over time.

The iPhone 4S now has a much improved 8 megapixel camera sensor along with sophisticated processing capabilities in the hardware for things like face detection. Apple says the new iPhone has 5 lens elements and can let in a lot more like than the iPhone 4, allowing it to take better pictures.

In addition, the new device can shoot 1080P video without breaking a sweat, no word yet on just how much you can record without running out of space. Real-time video stabilization and noise reduction are now included.

Battery life is still fantastic, now with 8 hours of talk time in real world usage. The radio hardware has been improved and now supports download speeds doubled to a theoretical maximum of 14mbps.

The new iPhone 4S will be available for preorder October 7th, and will go on sale in Apple’s retail stores October 14th.

Pricing is identical for white and black, 16GB/$199, 32GB/$299, and a new 64GB model for $399.

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