Verizon iPhone event next Tuesday?

Verizon invitation. Credit: Ars Technica

Verizon invitation. Credit: Ars Technica

UPDATE: Wall Street Journal is reporting this IS in fact a CDMA iPhone announcement.

Verizon has been sending out (horribly over-compressed JPEG) invitations to a special event in New York City next Tuesday, January 11th at the Lincoln Center.

The wording of the invitation says absolutely nothing about what they’re going to talk about or unveil, but Verizon Wireless President Lowell McAdam will be leading the presentation. Word on the street is, Verizon is going to unveil a CDMA iPhone 4 at this event.

If this is truly going to be the Verizon iPhone’s public debut, it is curious that Apple isn’t the one holding a special event as they so love to do. However, with the CDMA iPhone being announced in between major refreshes of the iPhone hardware, they don’t actually have anything new to announce, it’s almost assured to be the same iPhone 4 we already know and love, but with Verizon radio hardware inside.

So while it’s a big deal for users who have been demanding a Verizon iPhone for 3 years straight, and it’s probably a big deal in terms of iPhone sales, it’s probably not worthy of a Steve Note.

What do you think? Is this the CDMA iPhone or just an Android announcement?

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