Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” announced, will include Mac App Store

Today, the next major version of Mac OS X was announced and a few key features were demonstrated on stage.

The biggest announcement of course is the Mac App Store, which will allow developers to sell software to Mac users in a curated environment much like the iOS App Store. The App Store will be included in 10.7 “Lion” but will be available for Snow Leopard in 90 days.

With some clear design inspiration from iOS, the next version of Mac OS X also includes some iPad-like functionality. For instance, Apple wants to emphasize full screen applications, and has included some UI elements that are directly taken from iOS such as the “tab bar” that iPhone and iPad users will be familiar with.

A new application called Launchpad is to be included that will offer an iPad-like grid of applications complete with optional folders for applications.

Mission Control

Mission Control

Apple has also decided to combine the Dashboard, Expose, and Spaces into what they’re calling Mission Control, which is to be a unified view of your open windows, apps, your dock and your alternate Spaces screens.

Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” is due out in summer of 2011, stay tuned for more!

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  • Cdavidrp

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  • Tony

    I really fail to see the significance of this OS X release. A Mac App Store is a foregone conclusion, especially since Apple has always had trouble attracting third party developers to the Mac. And I’ve already created my own Launchpad by putting my Applications folder in the dock. Mission Control is a good idea since I haven’t used Spaces since it was first introduced. But I’m going to need a lot more than that to shell out $100 for an OS upgrade. Hopefully there will be more interesting features and improvements in the future.