Native Google Voice app coming back to App Store

Twitter message

Twitter message

In a Twitter message just posted earlier tonight, Sean Kovacs announced that Apple will “most likely” approve his GV Mobile application once he resubmits it to the review process.

Kovacs noted in an earlier twitter message that his application fully complies with all 110+ of the recently announced “guidelines” for App Store approval and rejection.

GV Mobile was pulled from the App Store back in 2009 along with another application written by Riverturn called Voice Central. Both applications are native interfaces for the Google Voice service, which aim to make placing and receiving calls, listening to voice mail, and using SMS messaging easier using your Google Voice account.

During the same time period that these two applications were removed from the App Store, Google itself was waiting for approval for their own Google Voice application, which was, according to Apple, neither accepted or rejected but remains “under study”.

Whether or not Google’s Application will now get in the App Store as well remains to be seen, but if GV Mobile makes it back in, Google should too.

UPDATE: Kovacs has also stated that the new app may be called GV Phone if Apple cannot re-enable the old GV Mobile application, but the new app will be free for a day so that users who previously purchased it on the App Store or Cydia don’t have to buy it again.

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  • Robert Grimm

    Too little, too late. I would have canceled my AT&T contract and switched to Android if it weren’t for the high ETF when GV Mobile was banned. It is my most important app. I jailbroke to keep it and still use it, even though it crashes anytime I use anything but the dialer or the address list. At this point, with three weeks to go on my contract, Apple may have changed some rules that make it a little better, but I don’t trust them anymore. They could change back later. They could stay arbitrary. I’m done with iOS. I’m ordering my Droid X next week.