Apple announces new iPod Shuffle, Nano

Apple’s 2010 music event brought a number of welcome updates to most of the models in the iPod lineup. The shuffle has regained the buttons that were removed in the 3rd generation models, the nano became much smaller and gained a clip much like the shuffle has, and the nano also became an iOS device complete with a multitouch screen.

4th Generation iPod Shuffle

4th Generation Shuffle

Apple’s 4th generation iPod Shuffle returns to a more square form factor and regains the buttons that were completely removed from the 3rd generation.

Storage available for songs is still 2GB, and pricing is still $49.

Genius mixes are now available on the iPod Shuffle as well as multiple playlists.

The VoiceOver assist features are still present, including a new VoiceOver button on the top edge. One press will announce the artist and name of the song currently playing, twice to hear battery status, and hold for the playlist menu.

Because the buttons have returned, it is now possible to reach down and change the volume, or pause/play the music, or switch tracks without having to use the headphone wire controls.

6th Generation iPod Nano

6th Generation iPod Nano

The 6th generation iPod Nano completely transformed into an iOS device this time, replacing the click wheel that has been with the model since it was introduced back in 2005, with a beautiful 1.5-inch TFT, 240px by 240px multitouch screen.

Pricing for the new model is $149 for the 8GB version and $179 for the 16GB version, which are both available today with a shipping time of one week.

The new Nano is still made out of anodized aluminum and comes in a variety of colors, including a PRODUCT RED model as well as silver, grey, blue, green, orange and pink. It also retains features like Nike+, and the FM radio tuner.

6th Generation iPod Nano home screen

Nano home screen

Using the new Nano is similar to any other iOS device, there is a sleep/wake button on the top edge as well as 2 physical volume buttons. The home screen can be rearranged just like other iOS devices, tap and hold an icon, then reorder them or drag them to a different screen.

Unfortunately, unlike other iOS devices the new Nano does not support Apps at this time, however it is likely the device will be jailbroken at some point in the near future.

There is no longer a camera on the 6th generation iPod Nano, possibly because there is simply no room for one.

The device does include an accelerometer, and the orientation of the screen can be set by using two fingers to rotate the view. This makes it possible to use the nano no matter how it has been clipped onto your clothing.

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  • Starscream

    Guess there’s no video playback. I think I’ll either get a 5th gen while they’re still around or a Touch.

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  • Aaditi Lathi

    A smaller touchscreen revision of Apple’s mid-priced flash RAM media player, available in seven colors. New user interface mimics the iOS operating system of the iPhone and iPod touch, using swipe and tap gestures for most of the device’s controls, while using album art and wallpapers to nicely fill the screen with color. Integrated FM radio, pedometer, and accelerometer components carry over from the prior-generation iPod nano, along with sufficient 8GB and 16GB storage capacities.

  • Aaditi Lathi

    What apple is failing to realize is that people want a low end player that can receive FM transmissions and has more features, as found on a small LCD/LED screen. The ability to change equalizer settings, shuffle/straight play, switch to radio record are all features not found on the apple and found on other players. Couple that with Itunes and it’s very rigid proprietary structure will spell ultimate doom for the apple line. The competition has caught up in funtionality, not in aesthetics…they are very close.