Apple cuts iPod prices in prelude to Event

The changes include the following:

8GB iPod Touch: $189 was $229 (reduced $40)
32GB Touch: $279 was $399 ($120)
16GB Nano $149 was $199 ($50)
120GB iPod Classic (HDD): $229 was $249 ($20)

Clearly, this means that the iPod Classic is not in fact “going away” just yet as some have speculated….but don’t be so quick to dismiss that rumor completely. Numerous signs still point to Apple pushing rotational hard disk drives out of the iPod lineup, and consolidating the entire iPod family onto “true” ARM processor based iPhone OS devices. All happening sooner rather than later.

What does this mean we can expect from this Event? Is this Apple simply lowering expectations, or pointing us in a different direction entirely? We’ll soon find out — Live Coverage of today’s “Music Event” begins now:

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