OS X 10.5.7 nearing beta phase; supports new macs, bug fixes

Based on a combination of source reports and our own initial direct examinations with last week’s build, 10.5.7’s support code includes all of these new Macs….and interestingly enough, also an additional device which may be either a new model of AppleTV or a whole new Mac.

We’ll be digging further into those latter two possibilities in an upcoming article, but in the immediate, our primary focus with 10.5.7 is confirming that the support code within it is in all details consistent with our recent reporting on the various machines it will support — including nearly every Mac since 10.5.8 won’t ship until as late as September by which time every single Apple laptop, desktop and server will have been updated to Core i7 with at most one or two possible exceptions.

Thus far, this seems to be very much the case and we have been able to specifically confirm extensive support code for the iMac, Mac Pro and Xserve in the existing builds….as well as the fascinating references to an entirely new Mac. Some hints exist as to the existence of support code for the Core i7 based laptops which are still in early to mid-stream development; as for the other model likely to be updated before 10.5.8 ships — the Mac Mini — there is still considerable debate about that which we will be tackling in one of our next updates.

Also in upcoming posts: further 10.5.7 & 10.6 “Snow Leopard” reports, more specific answers to your questions from Twitter, email, web comments & elsewhere….and much more.

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