Impressive new details of next-gen Mac Pro emerge

As we reported previously, the forthcoming 2009 Mac Pro lineup will be based around powerful new technology from Intel code-named Nehalem; better known through great public anticipation in the lead-up to its release as “Core i7.”

We reported on a mid-stream prototype, placed inside an existing-generation “cheesegrater” tower enclosure, in that article which was built on early desktop Nehalem reference board chips including a pair of quad-core, 2.93GHz Core i7 desktop CPUs.

Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to look under the hood of far more recent prototypes and a much clearer picture of the final Mac Pro has begun to emerge.

One of the first questions readers asked after the initial article was posted was whether the Nehalem Mac Pro will employ those standard desktop CPUs which currently tap out just below 3GHz and have been on the market for a few weeks now….or if it will sport Xeon-class i7 chips that offer higher clock rates, more cores, and numerous other advantages over their standard desktop cousins.

Although that detail had been embargoed by our sources at the time and we had not yet actually seen with our own eyes such a machine….

….we were able to confirm last week in web comments & conversations on Twitter, AIM, et cetera that yes, in fact the new Mac Pro would continue to be based around Xeons.

That fact alone means that the Mac Pro will be a significantly different machine than it might have been otherwise.

And whatever else it might have been….the Pro that we’ve had the opportunity to examine is three things for damn sure: extremely sexy, extremely energy-efficient, and extremely fast.

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  • Francesco

    March? Too lateeeee!!!!
    I want it now!

  • Septimus

    I wonder if we will see nVidia 200 series videocards in the new Mac Pro like GeForce GTX 295. Hope Apple will abandon low budget cards like ATI’s HD 2600.

  • Gerald

    I am so disappointed. 🙁 I like all the new specs. of this new Mac Pro. The things I don’t like are that:

    1. They are making the form factor/footprint bigger than it already is.
    2. It does not sound like they are making a smaller version of the Mac Pro (i.e. mini-tower or smaller).

    The current Mac Pro is a behemoth. It is big enough and I can see where some people may need a machine that size. But for hardcore gamers or the mac user that does not need all that expandability but likes all the power, a smaller machine with just as much power and not as many slots/expandability would be preferred.

    I have been hoping they would make a smaller version of the Mac Pro as an option, along with the current behemoth version, a Mac Pro mini or something along those lines. But I guess I am waiting in vein.

  • Chris

    The ATI 3600 card seems to be discontinued on the ATI site. Only the 3800 variant can be bought.

    Why would APPL use such a low end card when the 4800 series is available and according to the specs you provide is more than capable of running a 4800 with 512, or even a 4800 with 2048?

    The former can be had for 200-285 US, while the later comes in at 400-500 US. Many will not buy any MP with the very low GUI spec you site.

    Further, using ATI instead on Nvidia seems out of keeping with APPLs current GUI strategy.

  • Chris

    More on i7: Intel to detail eight-core Xeon processor (Feb 9 preview)

  • Ben

    Any way to get some CineBench 1o numbers MacOSR?

  • Nathan

    How about bluetooth support finally?

  • Tallest Skil


    Looking at the website, it looks like Bluetooth is built into the current model, as well as having been an option on the last model.

    So what are you talking about?