Follow Mac OS Rumors on Twitter!

Despite being long-time “Web 2.0” hold-outs, the team here at Xerces Media has embraced the best of social networking and other third-party services at last; you can follow our updates and get exclusive dirt as well as an inside look behind the scenes here at Rumors by following @MacOSRumors.

You can also find updates from our site founder Ryan C. Meader and other Xerces-related tweets in his feed under his online handle @dalaixerces. Many of these are more personal, but others include lots of Apple/Mac/iDevice specific content and Ryan has posted many tweets relevant to Mac OS Rumors.

We will be expanding into other social networks and Web 2.0-type services in the near future, and are always happy to take suggestions by email, web comments, tweets or any other means that may suit you!

Thanks to everyone who has chosen/is choosing to follow us on the socialnets and has so patiently, graciously supported our nascent resurgence. We know it’s taking time to get things truly right, and there’s still a huge amount of work yet to be done but we’re way beyond serious this time and quite simply will not be stopped in our quest to dominate the Mac Web once again!

We also hope that readers will consider following Ryan on the Plurk social network — for even more exclusive content & updates on Rumors as well as his/Xerces’ many other projects.

While we’re on the subject of Twitter, it bears mentioning that Rumors and the entire Xerces International/Xerces Media team are passionate users of the awesomesauce that is Twittelator Pro — we use on the Mac, but anything our old friend Andrew Stone of Stone Design does is going to kick all kinds of ass….so if he makes it, we use it! Simple as that.

The many other twitter apps & IPAs are solid products too, don’t get us wrong….we are extremely avid iPhone/iPod Touch users and can’t get enough of the wildly innovative App Store….but like many of his peerless fellow originals in the NeXT developer community who have always been among the Mac developers we most respect, Andrew Stone is one of the most talented Cocoa/ObjectiveC wizards on the planet and anything he touches is solid gold as far as we’re concerned. ‘Nuff said!

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