With the first Steve-less Keynote looming….

We have a lot to post tonight and throughout the week as our Macworld San Francisco coverage launches into full swing, so stay tuned! Xerces Media and all of the partners old & new of the Xerces Int’l partnership, now in its 10th year, have many exciting and time-consuming projects in flight even as we ramp up the most extensive and complete coverage machine we have wielded in Mac OS Rumors’ going on fourteen years of dishing out the most exclusive dirt and breaking the most exciting new rumors of Apple’s dramatic resurgence to become the world’s leading technology company by virtually any measure.

Phew! That’s a mouthful, and the past thirteen-plus years have been a roller coaster ride worthy of a book — if not a hefty tome of a novel. And we may yet see that book written, online if not immediately in print; but today, with those many years of reflection and dreams fulfilled beyond nearly all expectation crowding our awareness, we look forward to times as uncertain as any we faced going into this business.

Rather than wait too late into the night tonight, as we bring you posts and multi-format news/rumor coverage from San Francisco as well as all over the globe nearly 24 hours around the clock during this historic Macworld Expo…..we will conclude this posting with a few quick, introductory tidbits and then focus on cranking out as frequent as possible an update schedule from here. Some of the first articles will be necessarily brief, and may include new kinds of short-form updates like video and audio podcasts, whatever we can manage out of our ambitious bevy of plans & ideas for a Macworld that may yet define “before” and “after” as much as the initial return of Steve Jobs to the Executive Suites at Infinite Loop, the announcement of the iMac, iPod, OS X or iPhone…..

Product announcements, such as a revamped but ultimately only “evolutionary” new Mac Mini or other updates of existing Mac product lines….while exciting and a substantial step forward in almost every case we’ve explored with our sources in recent days…..are only part of what the community waits for with palpable emotion and excitement, even wonder and fear, on this night.

We’ll be looking at everything from the corporate politics and strategic future to the heart of Apple’s next generation technology that we will see very soon in the next series of iterations, whether they are announced tomorrow or not; so stay tuned and watch for us to embark on many roads which Mac OS Rumors has never before ventured down — that RSS feed and expanding array of WordPress based services are just the tiniest of beginnings!

As with the best of our Macworld coverage in years past, we will be covering not only the outcome & accuracy of recent rumors, the impact of announcements on future rumors and so forth….but also the best of all Apple, Mac, Macworld & tech news that comes out surrounding the expo. If it’s enough to excite old-hand geeks & gurus who’ve been in the business as long as we have, it’s probably good enough for you or you wouldn’t have made us a top site for almost as long as there has been a Mac Web.

It’s been a while, but we have our eyes on the top of that mountain; we’ve planted our flag on that peak enough times to punctuate this rant, for one, with countless memories of beer-powered, late-night phone conversations between Silicon Valley and northern New England…..and to drive us, both old and new members of the Rumors team, to do our damndest to plant it among those lofty clouds again. Many old friends, names famous and infamous alike, helped us get there; with their help — and yours! — we’ll have every reason to march forward with the almighty hope & optimism that has gotten this far.

Thanks for joining us as we begin our MWSF 2009 Live Coverage and while we’re at it, don’t forget to check back shortly for the link to our dedicated Live Coverage server that may be accessible during some peak-traffic periods when the main site may be lagged or down for short periods of time!

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    I’ll be sitting right here, waiting for the link and the live feed:)