The end of a true classic?! 23in Cinema HD Display discontinued

Apple has marked the 23-inch Cinema HD display as “discontinued” on its Store web site, leaving only a modest stock of refurbished units at $749 USD to run out before the new 24-inch LED “dock” display ships.

New displays are currently limited to the 20- and 30-inch panels, and although Apple has several impressive new LED based display products in the pipeline, none are expected to be announced until at least Macworld San Francisco in January….

…..most likely, most models won’t ship in volume or catch up with initial until at least mid-February.

Diversifying from purely desktop-computer & laptop-docking displays, the new high-end LED displays in 16:10 and 16:9 versions adhering to 720P and 1080P HDTV resolutions with sizes in excess of 42 inches(!) will be announced in at least three phases during the winter and the last of the new LED displays is expected to ship before the first day of Spring — for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least.

These displays will be part of a strategy to offer visual portals into the digital worlds created by all three major types of Apple technology: Macs, hand-held iDevices (docked or wirelessly linked) and “desktop”/set-top iDevices — notably, relatives of today’s AppleTV.

We will be digging much deeper into the display rumors, looking at each new model that sources are reporting on, and also the exciting reports of AppStore games coming to the desktop/set-top/big-screen world in the near future which will drive demand for these excellent new high-value Apple HD-displays… the days to come, so stay tuned!

This is very, very exciting stuff. If you have been waiting for Apple’s big leap into gaming and big displays at killer price points to make the experience of those games as sexy as they possibly can be — the wait will soon be over!

If you want the white-hot details, then park your browser at this address because the kings of Mac rumor-mongering are back in the saddle!

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