MOSR is back!

As many readers have noticed, Rumors has not been updated in quite some time. That, and a lot of other things, are about to change. Expect a few posts over the weekend with details, a look at the future of the site….and with the new week, lots of very hot dirt on the way from our considerable backlog! Stay tuned — the best is yet to come….

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  • Lone MOSR reader

    An abrupt end to an an otherwise promising resurrection!

  • admin

    Indeed! Looks like we just exposed a bug in a beta wordpress submission tool we’re working on to enable the kind of work our new site team is planning to do.

    That chopped off the last sentence; the bug is fixed and the update repaired. thank you for catching that, how embarrassing for a comeback to be marred by bugs or typos!

    We’re passionately committed to taking one of the oldest, greatest and most (in)famous Mac web sites to a level that at long last does justice to its full potential and more. Not just the potential of the site itself, mind you; our sources, or anything else that we ourselves bring to the table….the potential of *you* our reader community.

    For a long time the site has not been as interactive as many of the better blogs among our (usually much) younger peers. That will change and so will a lot of our content though you will always get information from inside sources that NOBODY else has, nobody. Period. Sources that go back to our very first articles posted in 1995, who have been with us all along and broke stories from Gil Amelio’s resignation (the return of Steve Jobs!), the iMac, OS X, the iPod, the PowerPC G3, G4, and G5 to the Intel transition (aka “Star Trek”) and the iPhone which we have been reporting on since before the iPod itself had been even announced no less shipped….breaking rumors which appeared in almost every major print publication inside and outside the tech industry, including several columns written by our founder and other contributors including several whose names are still confidential to keep their day jobs at places like MacWorld and WIRED…..perhaps even a small company which operates out of a little place called Infinite Loop….?! 😉

    Suffice to say we have a history which may well make for quite a book someday — and now we are more determined than ever to give it a future to match. Keep your eyes peeled! Big things are in the offing.

    Oh, and don’t forget to check the Comments! They are about to get a lot more active with a lot more being said by insiders who will give these comments a level of significance that you don’t often see at other sites. Watch this space closely!!

  • Metalizer

    Welcome back. Well you only missed the launch of the greatest MacBook to date, the absence of firewire 400 controversy. But , theres still time to weigh in on future prospects for the Mac Mini

  • doubt it

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Many claims of “we’re coming back soon with an all-new site!” just to keep traffic and ad revnue going…

  • RB

    I had almost given up hope…

  • admin

    We can certainly understand why a few readers are a bit skeptical. We absolutely are guilty of having exclaimed “we’re back!” more than once during the past several years of on-again, off-again reporting. It has never been said with anything but complete sincerity –but between the tragic, extreme chronic illness of our founder, technological hurdles in our old internal collaboration systems, and a lot of behind the scenes changes…..we ended up taking a complete hiatus for approximately two months.

    It was deliberate for most of us and should have been announced as such. But since we are now putting that behind us, we’re focusing on the really great stuff we have in store for the present & the near future… enjoy the fresh dirt and don’t be afraid to speak your mind!