AT&T, Apple scramble to keep up with heavy consumer demand

The other option if one is determined to own the iPhone 3G in short order is to keep calling the stores to find out when shipments have arrived, though I am sure the employees would rather we all just place a direct fulfill order.

AT&T stores all across Maine were sold out within the first two hours, as were several locations in the greater Boston area; the Boyleston St. location sold out easily within two hours upon opening.

Most Maine locations received only 30-40 iPhone 3Gs in total, with only the Maine Mall location receiving a second shipment at all to date, containing just 30 iPhones for the throngs clamoring outside the doors.

Sources say nationwide conditions closely mirror what consumers and AT&T and Apple store employees are dealing with in New England.

It would have been lovely if Apple had prepared better for this latest release, but for now we’ll have to be happy with what we can get.

When Apple releases the next generation of iPhone, hopefully they will be better prepared for the immense popularity of what is sure to become a major platform for professionals and average users alike.

We welcome any comments reviews from our readers who were fast — and lucky — enough to snag either the eight- or sixteen-gigabyte versions of the new iPhone… particular, we’re very eager to hear rough “wristwatch benchmarks” of the difference between 3G & 2.5G “EDGE” network performance in the areas where you most commonly use them….as well as similarly off-the-cuff benchmarks of your wi-fi connections, and reception levels in the most-used places around your home & favorite hotspots….

Bring on the reviews, benchmarks, numbers & rumor-mongering……and so will we! Stay tuned, we’ve got some really hot stuff to unload on you over the next few hours & days! The coming weeks will be some of the most exciting in Apple’s history and we’ve got all the skinny you can handle.

In particular, if you want an exclusive sneak peek at Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard,” then check back often because we’ve got several on deck — you don’t want to miss this!

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  • Partners in Grime

    Yikes. No wonder they need mall security.

  • WishIHad1

    That is really poor to only have that many in stock.