AT&T, Apple scramble to keep up with heavy consumer demand

Some customers broke away at this point…..determined to come back later when there would be no wait to initiate a direct-fulfill order, whereby your order is guaranteed for you and only you — within 7-10 business days, anyhow.

If the current prediction-timetables are to be believed, that is; despite the huge sales numbers relative to last year, many questions remain as to how close the numbers were to Apple’s predictions for this time around….7-10 days could really mean 3, or it could stretch out to 30 for those in somewhat rural areas of “low priority” states such as Maine and the Dakotas, for example….

(though rumors of a shorter 3 day wait leave some hoping for faster results.)

Other more determined consumers have been driving AT&T store employees crazy with daily or even hourly calls to see if any new shipments have arrived, with the hope of making the wait time even shorter.

Still others may have given up hope for the time being, a luxury those who need the iPhones for work cannot afford.

The downside to going the direct-fulfill route is that a credit card must be used (too bad for those literally saving their pennies and dollars for this new purchase), and you must do the order in person and then come back again once your order comes in.

With gas prices being what they are, this becomes a somewhat pricey hassle for those not fortunate enough to live walking distance or on a direct public transportation route to the store.

A small price to pay by some standards, but less convenient than being able to just order online or over the phone, as many are now accustomed to doing in these times.

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  • Partners in Grime

    Yikes. No wonder they need mall security.

  • WishIHad1

    That is really poor to only have that many in stock.