Get ready for the iPhone 3G tidal rush….

For example, consider the laptop computer (presumably with mobile broadband access card to achieve some degree of function parity with the iPhone), hand-held gaming systems (PSP, Nintendo DS, etc), GPS navigation system, iPod, Flash drive/removable storage devices, Wi-Fi VOIP phone, and countless other devices which one has no need for as an iPhone owner….which is to say nothing of the “smart phones” which it has so rapidly and completely bashed into obsolescence.

With so much to offer, we are sure to hear a chorus across the land of, “Please, Mom? Dad said if you said it was okay…”

And sales to match……

Stay tuned, as we will be bringing you up to the minute sales estimate numbers from sources in Cupertino & throughout the Apple Retail network along with all of the rest of our 24-hour iDevice 2.0/iPhone 3G release event coverage, coming to you all weekend long!

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  • Booyah

    Have they prepared better? Don’t make me laugh. You really think after so long planning, that they couldn’t get their shit together and manafacture a few hundred thousand more?

    You are naive. This is an advertising ploy, designed to boost the hype and make it even more sought after. Sony do the same thing.