Get ready for the iPhone 3G tidal rush….

For most this will not serve as a major roadblock, but some may second guess getting one for each family member — potentially sparking much sibling and spousal rivalry over who gets the iPhone 3G and who gets to keep the old phone.

Expect major iPhone envy from friends and family members who decide not to partake in the upgrade; even the most sensible pragmatist may find themselves drooling over the new features, apps, faster web browsing capabilities, and built-in GPS navigation.

The iPhone 3G will have plenty of practical uses for business and travel that will tempt even the most frugal of consumers into coming over the fence into Apple territory….even in the face of somewhat daunting contract and data plan costs.

A lot has been made of the iPhone value equation over the past year since its initial release.

Generally, owners have found it to be invaluable in countless ways, and even see it as taking the place of many other pieces of technology which cost far more — particularly taken together.

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  • Booyah

    Have they prepared better? Don’t make me laugh. You really think after so long planning, that they couldn’t get their shit together and manafacture a few hundred thousand more?

    You are naive. This is an advertising ploy, designed to boost the hype and make it even more sought after. Sony do the same thing.