Does the huge MacBook Air price drop suggest an imminent revision?

Along with a new, significantly faster-performing (depending on what it is connecting to) 802.11 Wi-Fi controller & improved antenna, the new Macbook Air will sport a top to bottom overhaul allowing it to remove the compromises forced on its initial version and at long last meet the full set of ambitious goals set forth in the original Air development effort.

Stay tuned for a fuller examination of those new features, specs, enclosure and complimentary announcements (new Airport base stations & Time Capsule, other new wireless products, etc) surrounding the expected late summer/early autumn revision of the Macbook Air…..

Lots of hot dirt is coming out from under embargo this month and our new site team is eager to bring it to you, so check back often for the best 24/7 Apple coverage anywhere!

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  • Nicholas Molnar

    The only thing that would make a big difference in the air, for me, would be built-in 3G; preferably, as a low-cost add-on to my iPhone plan.

  • raffi jamgotchian

    i would only wish for more memory at this point. A bigger drive would be great but i would be ok without it.

  • ya

    a 15 inch model would sell me on this laptop. i’m fine with all the other specs.

  • Booyah

    I wouldn’t buy this stripped down piece of rubbish at any price. If anything I would buy a new Macbook pro.

  • Brian Hayashi

    I see something closer to the inexpensive netbook format popularized by companies like Asus and Everex. Asus is one of Apple’s contract manufacturers and has tremendous insight into this emerging category.

    Given some of Oppenheimer’s comments in Apple’s 3Q conference call, I’m thinking the price is going to be the same as netbooks from HP but with dramatically better functionality…say $499?

    I previously worked for Dynamac, the first manufacturer of portable Apple computers. For projected hardware and software specs, along with an analysis of pricing drivers see

  • admin


    You’re somewhat close to the mark…..the big hint dropped during the recent quarterly financial results conference call regarding Apple planning to shrink its margins to make an ever more aggressive assault on the rest of the computing/tech/device world has stirred up a whirlwind of speculation; much of it fairly well thought out and based in reality, but when it comes down to the details, most are getting it wrong.

    There is definitely a new portable product, with an emphasis on bridging the Multi-Touch iDevice world to the emerging Multi-Touch portable computer (e.g. laptop, tablet, other portable form factors of otherwise “full blown” computers rather than pure-bred iDevices — a line which will only be getting fuzzier as time goes by!) offerings such as its latest laptops…..but a lot of the juiciest details are under firm embargo by our sources — much as many other rumor-mongers are now holding the cards close to their chests, hedging their bets and trying not to compromise their sources.

    Nonetheless, this new bridge between Macs & iDevices will be only the beginning of a huge move on Apple’s part to compete aggressively on value and further diversify its offerings.

    Expect several new products this year, along with aggressive revisions of its high-end systems like the Mac Pro & Xserve to start pulling in major large-scale projects that can help offset its aggressive margin-shrinking moves.

    As for the Macbook Air….Steve and everyone in the Executive Suite know better than to let this become another PowerMac G4 Cube fiasco. The upcoming revision will be, I suspect, even more aggressive and exciting than we have thus far predicted….

  • admin


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