Apple releases iWork Update 2 with vague changelist

Apple released three updates to iWork today via Software Update today: Keynote 4.0.2, Pages 3.0.2, and Numbers 1.0.2.

The only more specific change was to Keynote: “primarily addresses performance issues while playing or exporting presentations.”

Reader reports on the updates are just now beginning to filter in; if you’ve updated iWork and noticed anything different or just had a thought related to the latest Software Updates, share your insights with the Mac community by emailing us!

Any show-stopper issues will be posted to this article later as a series of “streaming updates” if necessary (so check back often; as with all of our new articles, updates may be added later along with moderated comments so be sure to browse on by again to get all the latest on this topic!)…..otherwise, reader reports on this latest iWork update will be posted later in the week.

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  • John Meyer

    I got the updates this morning (other side of the world) but can’t see any differences at all.

    I suspect that the changes are related to and required by 10.5.2.

    They are probably coming out in advance of the big update to avoid the bandwidth crunch that will be caused by a half gig download of 10.5.2.

  • John Meyer

    The iWeb update came out today.

    I think that is all of the Apple apps that need to be adapted to 10.5.2.

    I suspect that the Leopard update will follow soon.

    Cross your fingers.