Macbook Air may be updated a lot sooner than one might think….

We will be publishing more details on the Macbook Air as we begin to receive reader reports….if you’re interested in having your business, project, or organization prominently plugged by Rumors as well as an extremely favorable barter rate for our advertising space, we are now accepting offers to provide hardware for review (whether it be something your company makes, or a new Apple product such as Mac Pro, Xserve, Macbook Air, Time Capsule, iPhone, AppleTV etc).

Every review or other article/page mentioning the relevant product will include a prominent plug and link to web site(s) of your choice and you’ll get tons of high-quality advertising space on one of the oldest and most popular Mac web sites! If interested, please email our advertising director.

(By the way, we are also eager to review software applications as well — we can’t promise that every submission will be reviewed immediately on Mac OS Rumors, but virtually all submissions will be reviewed either here or on our general-interest reviews site soon to come at… if you are interested, please email us at and give us whatever details/links/serial numbers we need to acquire a copy of your software for review!)

We will also be posting an in-depth look at the upcoming refreshes to the Macbook and Macbook Pro…. for now, we are projecting that the Macbook Pro will be next in line for an update; with price points slightly lower than today’s (!), models featuring Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.5GHz) & Core 2 Extreme X9000 (2.8GHz).

Both sport 6MB of shared on-chip L2 cache which will reportedly perform more than twice as fast as the 4MB L2 used in existing Core 2 Duo mobile processors.

The high-end 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme chip (similar to the 65nm desktop C2E chip used in the high-end iMac at this time) has the ability to accept overclocking.

Many Apple sources report that engineers in Cupertino were able to get early test chips OC’d at upwards of 3.2GHz without reaching dangerous temperatures or extreme fan noise levels in next-generation Macbook Pro prototypes.

The next-generation MBP may also take some of the innovations created for the Air and become a less square, thinner and more exotic-looking laptop……more on that soon.

Stay tuned and check back often — we’ve got a lot to talk about an the all-new Rumors is now updating multiple times every day and night — including weekends, so don’t miss a beat!

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  • luc

    it sure makes sense to request evaluation samples. maybe you need to get that dugg (i’m just missing the “digg it” link).

    some thoughts after visiting your site again, after years (mosr has completely been off my radar a.ts. – after think secret): you can’t beat digg or apple insider or d.e. dilger on their turf. rumors are so yesterday. insight rules. informed journalism, with a personal touch, could be the solution.