Sign the iPod Touch petition!

The folks over at have put up a simple page calling on Apple to free the new iPod Touch apps from their $20 shackles. We aren’t quite sure what effect this will have, even if a large number of people sign the petition it is unlikely that Apple will change their plans at this point. Apple does have a long history of expecting users to pay for significant upgrades to previously released products, so this may be just one more in a long line of for-pay product upgrades.

So what do you think? Is this petition going to change anything? Is Apple going to release these applications to previous iPod Touch owners for free?

To see the petition and sign it, click here

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  • John

    The whole accounting iPod Touch thing is BS. If that were true, why don’t they have to charge for the significant update they did to the Apple TV? When I bought my iPod TV, I couldn’t do near the things they are advertising it can do now, and that update is free.

    Significant new feature of the iPod Touch?… it could always do those features just like the iPhone, Apple chose to disable and/or not include functions it could always do.

  • Jason

    Would you rather pay $299 for new iPod that has Google Maps, Mail, etc, on it? How about buying a new Mac because the new one has a newer OS, or just newer software?

    Personally, I’d much rather buy new hardware than pay a significantly smaller fee to upgrade my current hardware.


  • John is an Idiot

    John the reason you didn’t have to pay for updates to the AppleTV and iPhone is Apple is amortizing the reveniew from these products over several years, which allows them to update them with new features without violating Sarbannes Oxley. They haven’t done this with the iPod Touch (or any other Apple product) so all other updates that add features, to any other products they will have to charge. I suggest you complain to your government about the poorly formed laws then to Apple.

  • Elenoir

    Don’t believe the people trying to spin this issue as Apple obeying US accounting rules. That’s bull. If Apple wanted to give us Touch owners the update for free (which they should) but were bound by law to charge for it, they could simply charge .99. The $20. ripoff is all about greed and discrimination. Sign the petition and then boycott Apple products and itunes. Amazon’s better anyway.

  • phillip

    I don’t think it’s right to be charged for this upgrade. Don’t forget to let apple know how you feel.

  • Sum Jung Gai

    You guys are stupid. No offense intended. But look at Russ’s comments: he won’t buy anything until it has all the features he wants. Well, if it has all the features you want, Russ, this is a non-issue for y ou: don’t buy the upgrade!! And the rest of you, complaining about GAAP rules, don’t spout off about accounting rules unless you understand them.

    Have a nice day.

  • Lawrence Guzzetta

    Seriously guys? Did Sony even offer you an upgrade on that TV after you bought it? What about Nokia on that phone? I agree that $20 is a little steep but how does this backlash not confirm the saying “No good deed goes unpunished.?” Come on Steve, get time just make them buy the latest model to get the latest features. Apparently that’s the only way they’re going to be happy about it.

  • georgep

    A total ripoff. The apps should have been included in the iTouch from the beginning, as they were with the iPhone.

  • Jim

    Show me one internet petition that ever accomplished anything…

  • Clay

    Jim, you said it. I’ve never heard of one single Internet petition that has ever done any good.

    Secondly, the online petition has the worst grammar conceivable; the English is atrocious and makes little sense. If that weren’t enough, I also won’t sign anything with Spanish on it.