Steve Jobs announces “Time Capsule” wireless backup device

Time Capsule is part of Apple’s new “cable-free 2008” strategy, now referred to in some circles on the grapevine as “Air Steve/Air Jobs 2008” (a reference to Nike’s overpriced “Air Jordan” shoes) strategy, or just the “Air strategy/”Air initiative”…..regardless of how it will end up being most popularly referred to, it’s straightforward enough on the surface; eliminate cables, consolidate them or replace them with wireless alternatives.

But the implications for the entire iDevice and Macintosh families go way beyond that. And the Time Capsule is just the first of many new wireless devices Apple has planned for 2008. Many will be intended to provide solutions for things like the Macbook Air’s “missing” optical drive and other ports/features, as well as similar issues arising from future “Air strategy” elements such as a low-cost “Mac Air” with similarly minimalist enclosure & ports.

As for the Time Capsule itself, it is a relatively straightforward 802.11n-equipped 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure; all the details are of course available from, including the two models available with 500GB or 1TB (Terabyte) of Serial ATA “server grade” hard disk storage respectively at $299 and $499.

Although those may seem like high prices to pay for hard drive enclosures that, minus the wifi, might not rate more than 1/2 or 1/3 of that cost, the Time Capsule is also a full-featured Airport Extreme Base Station!

So, in fact, the time capsule is much more than just a wireless storage device; it is a new model of the Airport Base Station with an onboard hard drive and Time Machine integration. When viewed like that, the value equation turns on its head and the remarkable deal that the Time Capsule represents becomes more apparent.

We will be seeking to acquire one of these ourselves, in our quest to provide hands-on experience with every Apple product so you can make the most educated buying decisions possible…..along with one of the new Mac Pros and probably, in due time, a Macbook Air as well for one of our new staff members to review for us.

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Thanks to all who have supported Rumors through thick and thin! We couldn’t be more excited about the future, and the Time Capsule is just a small example of why 2008 is going to be the best year yet for us and the Mac community at large.

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  • Eric Burns

    Having just recently picked up an 802.11n Airport Extreme base station, which I’ve added a good sized hard drive to, I find myself concerned that this means they won’t give this capacity to that device. I don’t need Time Capsule per se, but I want to use Time Machine with my freaking AirDisk. If they tell me I have to drop five hundred dollars on a new base station and hard drive to get it, I’ll be put out at best.

  • http://nope wonky

    It is a nice idea, but I would have preferred a more media based nas type device so that it could share with other stuff like consoles and music players etc.
    I built a nas system for £150 and it does almost everything I need. I would have expected some sort of imedia hub by now.

  • anonymous

    AirDisk was originally advertised that it would work with timemachine. There are a lot of people who want a working/stable airdisk, let alone timemachine support. If Apple doesn’t support what it advertised I think we can foretell a class action lawsuit.

  • Joe

    I agree with Eric Burns. I want to be able to use the existing USB RAID which I have attached to my Airport Extreme. I’m hoping that they won’t expect me to buy a new device.

    I also agree with wonky. If this device allowed me to put my iPhoto and iTunes libraries on one disk and then access them from all my computers, I’d be much happier (I’d be even happier if I could do it with my existing hardware, of course).

  • Stephan

    I bought an Airport Extreme and a external drive so I could have an AirDisk to back up all of computers, never could get it to work. Problem Apple won’t admit. So their solution is Time Capsule, hosing those of us that bought the Airport Extreme? I hope their is a class action suit, easy solution would be for Apple to come up with a trade up program.

  • Ken

    I’m in the same boat as Eric and Stephan. I bought an Airport Extreme and a hard drive based on Apple’s original advertising. I figured that feature was dropped because it wasn’t quite working right and would be reintroduced with a future update. Instead they create a whole new product! It’s never a bad thing to have extra hard drive space but what the hell am I going to do with the extra Airport Extreme? It’s an open box so even if I am able to resell it I won’t be able to get all my money back. Let me know if you hear about a class action suit!!!

  • macFanDave

    Well, I hope they let have the DIY Time Capsule (aka Time Machine over AirDisk) or I’ll be doubly screwed!

    SuperDuper! was working great over my AirDisk network until I upgraded to Leopard and SD still hasn’t made the leap successfully.

    I’ve been backing up my main Mac with a dedicated external HD, but getting the rest of the Macs in my house backed up over the network is what I really want.

    That would suck if Time Machine over AirDisk isn’t restored just so Apple can sell more Time Capsules. I sure hope they don’t pull that!

  • anonymous 2

    Spoke to a mac guy who told me a software update was going to be a likely solution for the AEBS to act like the Time Capsule

  • LTO Tape

    i was quiet unaware with Capsules before reading this post… but its pretty well described by the author… great post

  • LTO Tape

    i was quiet unaware with Capsules before reading this post… but its pretty well described by the author… great post