iPhone v1.1.3 “January Update” released to much fanfare at MWSF

One of the accurately predicted rumors, the “January Update” to the iPhone’s firmware, v1.1.3, has been released with all of the predicted features we’ve seen in various developer/beta releases of the firmware leading up to the Expo.

The most in-depth description of the new iPhone update’s features is here: http://www.apple.com/iphone/gettingstarted/guidedtourupdate2/

Highlights include the ability to customize the Home Screen, the “wiggling icons” indicator which shows you when you are in edit mode on the home screen(s), multiple home screens that can be switched between with a sideways “flick,” a major overhaul of both Maps and GMail functionality by Google with tons of new features including location triangulation, Drop Pin, Hybrid View mode (overlays street names and map info with satellite imagery) and much more; numerous enhancements to the iTunes Wifi Store including the ability to use gift codes and integration with the new Movie Rental system to let you know how much time you have left on a rental……and the ability to switch between chapters in iTunes downloaded content.

So far, there is no way to add “native applications” to your iPhone; Apple has not actually added any new applications to the iPhone either as yet. A future update, probably v1.2 (v1.1.4 and v1.1.5 are currently on Apple’s roadmap as bug fix/optimization updates slated for early February and March, respectively), will add the option to pipe applications over the USB2/dock connector or over wifi; as yet it is uncertain as to whether there will be any way to download applications directly onto the iPhone using EDGE.

For now, one can only add web sites/web apps to the Home Screen(s), but that is a welcome complement to the much slower traditional bookmarking system. We hope that as we continue to improve our Web site and hire the best team in the business, you will consider putting Rumors on your Home Screen(s) — perhaps even one of the honored positions on your front screen on the main applications bar.

You won’t find a Mac web site anywhere with a more passionate focus on the iPhone and other iDevices; it may not be in our name like some sites that focus exclusively on the iPhone, but every single member of the Rumors reporting and editing teams owns at least one iPhone and many also own the iPod Touch & AppleTV. A few of our server administrators and technical geeks don’t yet have an iPhone……but we intend to change that in the next few weeks here.

All in all, while the iDevice news at MWSF wasn’t quite as dramatic as we might have hoped…..there is a lot more to come in the near future, including the high-end AppleTV Special Edition with Blu-ray, 1080P support and much larger/faster 3.5-inch hard drives…..the iPhone 3G, the iPhone Nano and other all-new iDevices are yet to come, so stay tuned to Rumors for all the latest iPhone & iDevice dirt!

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  • http://nope wonky

    Charging £12 for a few widgets for the ipod touch. Jailbreak seems like a great idea now. How stupid do they think we are, this is an expensive piece of hardware, I expect this sort of thing to be free.

  • http://macosrumors.com admin

    Yeah, that’s a bit absurd. We’ll be addressing that in one of the next few posts. We’re very excited about Apple’s roadmap for the rest of the year, but this Macworld was a mixed bag to be sure.

    A lot more opinion and analysis from our readers and our MWSF reporting team, over 20 strong, will be posted soon….even after our “streaming articles” are completed, check back often to see the moderated comment responses we’ll be adding to each post.

    We hope you like the new site…..it’s definitely a work in progress, so bear with us as we get everyone on the new site team set up to start posting directly to the new WordPress CMS.

  • blueskyrocket

    Well, as good as the new update to AppleTV is, on your predictions, I’ve decided to wait for the newer improved AppleTV Take 3. Being from outside the USA I am also interested in news of the new movie rental model making it to other countries. In my case Australia