Week of January 7th

Rumors, under new management and re-focused around a new team of writers who are almost all former (or current!) insider sources, is nearly ready to roll out our all-new Web site!

Just in time for our reports on the new Mac Pro & Xserve, an in-depth Macworld San Francisco preview, and our best most intense Expo coverage in 13 years on the air!Though some other rumor-mongers are quitting the “cloak and dagger” game, and others are scaling back their dirt-dishing or posting a lot of off-topic/non-rumor “filler,” Rumors is dedicated more than ever to bringing you the hottest insider info first and best.

Rumors has broken almost every major Apple/Mac news story of the past decade-plus, and become famous — in no small part because of the tremendous print & online press coverage we’ve received over the years — for being the first to bring you the dirt that shapes Apple’s future.

We will be bringing back our reviews, tips & tricks — practical applications of the knowledge gained through rumor-mongering — and anything else we think you’ll be interested in reading, but Rumors will always be a dirt-dishing site first and foremost. We will be opening new Mac-related Web sites following this month’s Macworld Expo…..but for now, our focus is on the complete overhaul of Rumors and making the next 13 years even more amazing than the first!

We intend not only to continue in that tradition, but to improve and expand in 2008. But don’t take our word for it…..check back in a matter of hours to see the all-new Mac OS Rumors!

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  • blueskyrocket

    I have been one of those people following you guys for 13 years. GREAT, I can make comments now.

    OK Lets Go!