August Highlights

As predicted by Rumors, the new iMacs sport Core 2 desktop CPUs that are substantially faster at a given clock rate than the mobile Santa Rosa chips used in the latest Macbook Pros.

An entry-level model clocks in at 2GHz, while the other standard models offer 2.4GHz — with an optional upgrade to a 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme CPU for a massive boost of muscle.

Early reports from trusted industry analysts suggest that in the configuration Apple is using, with a FW800-enabled chipset that delivers substantially improved memory, FSB and interconnect/northbridge bandwidth over previous generation iMacs…..the 2.4GHz Duo model could outperform the 2.4GHz Macbook Pro and previous 2.33GHz iMacs by upwards of 50% in average real-world tasks, up to 120% in certain CPU/bandwidth-intensive operations, and the ATi Radeon X2400 (128MB XT on the entry-level model, 256MB Pro on the 24-in) simply crushes previous generation GPUs with benchmark numbers that are two full generations ahead of the X1600 and GeForce 7600 GT used in Core 2 Mobile iMacs.

The optional 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme upgrade hasn’t yet been benchmarked in depth (we’ll be eagerly awaiting word from our friends at BareFeats & XLR8YourMac!) with the chipset that Apple is using, but suffice to say that it will easily be a full generational leap in CPU performance — expect more details on this and all sorts of post-Event reporting as the afternoon gives way to evening and even more in-depth reports should be posted late tonight.

With the new keyboard, revamped enclosure, powerful new specs and iLife ’08 on board, these new iMacs are undoubtedly going to sell like hotcakes. In fact, we’re in the market for at least one high-end model ourselves to report on for this site and several others in the Xerces network!

Stay tuned for much more up to the minute coverage of the aftermath of today’s Apple Event and the continuing frenzy on the grapevine over the upcoming updates to the Mac Mini, Macbooks and Xserve as well as the amazing 6G iPod about which we have hard-hitting, exciting and completely EXCLUSIVE information to report in the next few days as a long-standing source embargo is lifted and we can at last unveil the incredible details of this long-awaited iDevice!

You don’t want to miss a beat… don’t! Check back often and especially late at night when our updates are at their freshest — plus there’s a major site update with many new/revamped sub-pages on the way so make Rumors a frequent stop in your online day from here on out, you won’t be disappointed!

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