10.4.10 Update Released

Delta and Combo updates for Intel, PowerPC, Consumer & Server versions of Tiger range in size from 58MB for the Server-PPC Delta Update to 391MB for the Universal Server Combo Update. Consumer updates range in size from 72MB for the Intel Delta update, to 293MB for the Intel Combo version.

Generally, rather than applying the Delta Update via Software Update, we always recommend downloading the Combo Update from Apple’s web site….. the various versions, Server/Consumer and Intel/PPC/Universal, are each linked below.

And here are Apple’s release notes for 10.4.10:

What’s included?

The following improvements apply to both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs unless otherwise noted:

Addresses an issue in which a Bluetooth headset may show up as an available device for sound output in the Sound preference pane after it had been removed from Bluetooth preferences.

Adds RAW image decoding support for the following cameras: Panasonic DMC-LX1, Panasonic DMC-LX2, Leica M8, Leica D-LUX 2, Leica D-LUX 3, Fuji S5 Pro, Nikon D40x, and Canon EOS 1D Mk III.

Resolves an issue in which some DNG images may appear tinted or distorted.

Improves compatibility of Mathematica 6 with 64-bit Macs.

Improves reliability when using the IR remote control after waking from sleep.
Improves reliability when mounting external USB hard drives.
Resolves an issue in which a TomTom GO 910 may not be recognized when connected via USB to an Intel-based Mac.

Improves responsiveness when using the Control-Eject key combination to display a shutdown dialog.
Addresses a specific issue in which users importing video from a DV camera may experience dropped frames.
Includes recent Apple security updates.
Addresses issues with calendar calculations in certain applications.
Addresses issues when rounding decimal numbers for display in certain applications.
For Motion, addresses an issue in which some texture corruption could appear in Motion if VRAM is full.

All in all, an excellent piece of work on Infinite Loop’s part….we have heard very promising reports from sources in Cupertino and early Reader Reports are overwhelmingly positive with many noting quite obvious performance improvements. In some cases, especially recent-model Intel Macs, the performance improvement has been described as dramatic in many areas from 3D graphics performance to responsiveness under heavy multi-tasking loads.

Keep those reports coming….stay tuned to Rumors for all the latest dirt on software updates to Tiger (Apple’s software roadmap specifies up to four more Tiger point-updates; 10.4.11 may be released before Leopard, and .12-.14 in the 12-18 months after Leopard hits the shelves) and all things Apple!

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