New 10.4.10 builds

According to reliable sources in Cupertino, many of the projects that will be rolled into 10.4.10 were planned for Leopard but are needed to support products that will now be shipping before Leopard is expected to roll out.New components include improved ATi and nVIDIA graphics drivers for existing products, a new driver for the forthcoming ATi Radeon HD 2900XT series cards that will be introduced to the Mac Pro soon….updated networking code….security tweaks, an updated Java Runtime, and substantial improvements to Core Audio.

The aforementioned Core Audio changes are partially to support new Macs which are expected to ship in the next few months — while also rumored to support a new Apple accessory device similar to the long-rumored “Asteroid” Audio I/O accessory over which Apple sued several Rumor sites hoping to supress related reports.

The new second-generation “Asteroid” derivative may be previewed at WWDC and is expected to ship by midsummer.

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