Roadmap 2010: Mac Pro

Though we are hesitant to speculate on announcement/ship dates when we’ve been repeatedly told by sources about delays and changes in direction for the 2010 Mac Pro roadmap — on top of the usual reasons to avoid staking our reputation on the most changeable element of any product release — we do believe that this revision is imminent and that we are looking at a timetable of weeks, not months.

A number of other improvements have been reported by sources in various stages of the prototyping process, including beefed up power supplies allowing for more wattage to CPUs and PCI Express slots (the 300W limit for all PCIe slots in current models would barely be enough for a single NVIDIA 400-series GPU), an improved built-in speaker, and any number of changes to the enclosure….but we’re not prepared to get into further detail on those elements at this time. Please feel free to send us any specific questions (or comments, corrections, etc) you have which were not answered by this article by your preferred medium — email (, Twitter (@MacOSRumors), AIM (MacOSRumors), or the comments form below — and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

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  • xgman

    This sounds great, but this prolonged waiting is really killing me. Hopefully it will be worth the wait, and the funds that are on hold for this will still be there.

  • James

    Blu-Ray support in the new Macs?

  • defenderstargate

    The upcoming Mac Pro will NOT include USB 3. Even Intel has written it off and announced the specs for Intel motherboards for 2011 including USB 2.1, NOT USB 3. Intel does not want to encourage peripheral makers to design their products with USB 3 connectivity when Intel has decided to abandon USB for “Light Peak.”

  • jameson

    Can we get an update on this? We're approaching the “months” side of “weeks not months”. Have you heard anything else? I'm holding out for the release, but it's really impacting my work 🙁

  • dannyzb

    when when WHEN?

  • dannyzb

    when when WHEN?

  • Rob TAylor

    YEah its WWDC and no announcement on the MAc Pro What is up…. my macbook pro is failing bad and already have had 2 motherboards replaced luckly under warranty but I need a power desktop and I agree with xgman this wait is killing me slowly….. any more updates on predictable time from of a launch?

  • danchez

    damn apple, you have week! else i am buying other workstation (iUseWin so iDontCare)

  • Metalizer

    ….and the prospect of having an amd processor based mac pro?

    wouldn’t such a move help to return affordability to the equation, apart
    from many other considerations?

  • Caiolmartins

    Any Updates on this?