More than ‘just a phone,’ iPhone 3G is open to third-party software

Much the same potential advantages in accessing more information and processing capability, in more places, apply to virtually any business or human pursuit and we have all known for a good two years now that the iPhone was going to change the world….

….we are beginning now, to see just how dramatically.

Developers, please take notice; consumers want their money (and their time, with those two things more intertwined than ever!) well invested in these hard economic times.

Give us new, fast, sexy, beautiful, and fun….but don’t forget about the potential for real
advancements for the human experience and the life of the average person.

The iPhone is the kind of technology that pervades every corner and aspect of an owner’s life — all the more so with 1.4Mbps of mobile bandwidth and GPS location tagging! — and as such, its influence on that life can be vast.

Many iPhone owners have seen this in their first year of using the platform, but clearly, the revolution has today kicked into a new & much higher gear…..a revolution which will be far more than merely televised.

Check back for application reviews in the coming weeks as we test drive our new 3G-GPS toys, or as accountants everywhere will call them, “indispensable business tools”…..

….and for those of us already owning “2.5G” EDGE iPhones, while we won’t be reaching T1-like mobile broadband speeds or narrowing our location estimates to within a few meters, we will most definitely be excitedly exploring this new world of iPhone 2.x applications and capabilities.

Stay tuned to the Original Mac Rumor Site for all the latest on the greatest Apple creation yet!

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